Manage your printers and toner cartridges

The most advanced printer, toner and printing costs billing management.


Updating the printer status

Check the device status in a few seconds, regardless of where it is located

Printers list

Browse the device from all locations through a convenient web interface

Just-in-time deliveries

Control the supply levels and secure continuity of printing.

Volumes of printed pages

Check counters of equipment and the print volumes.

The precise number of printed pages

Check printing costs with Princity. Princity will assign costs to the appropriate institution or cost center

More about how Princity accounts prints14 days for free !


A powerful tool to control toner and other supplies

1. Princity detects low toner levels

The application detects when the printer needs to replace supplies and generates the necessary order in advance.

2. Your provider sends it on time.

By analyzing the demand material it will be sent only when you will need it

3. Installation and replacement detection

Princity detects the installation of new material and provide accurate statistics for the old cartridge.

Paper jam in the A

A paper jam stopped printing. The employee can solve it.

LEXMARK X466de (

Remote control and information about failure

Princity detects failures of equipment and supplies, helps your IT department efficiently remove failures whereby you save on repair costs

More about how Princity control printers

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